About ProRider Albuquerque LLC

ProRider Albuquerque has existed since December, 2020 and is the first ProRider Advanced Training site in New Mexico. Our goal is to provide experienced motorcycle riders with a higher level of training provided by our certified and experienced instructors. Participants are able to take their riding skills to the next level by navigating courses modeled after police motorcycle officer training exercises.

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Business hours: 8am–5pm, Monday through Saturday

Phone: (505) 585-5474 

Email: prorideralbuquerque@gmail.com

Business Collaboraters

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Sponsorship Requests

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Employment Opportunities

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CPR Certification

Prior to being able to teach a ProRider class, you will be required to obtain a valid CPR certification. ProRider Albuquerque has a certified American Heart Association Instructor with 6 years of CPR instruction experience as well as several years of Emergency Medical Technician experience to provide necessary training to complete your certification process.